Things You Need to Know about iOS and Android Software

Today, the smartphone is a must-have gadget as it brings so many conveniences to help humans work. Not only for communicating, but the smartphone has now been designed with various functions. One of the most critical components in the smartphone is the software. There are two most popular software, iOS, and Android. If you still have no idea which one is right for you? Then, make sure you read the explanation below, comparing iOS and Android.

The Comparison of iOS and Android for Smartphone

Before you decide which software suits you best, you may read a brief comparison below about things you need to know about iOS and Android

The device appearance

The device appearance

The first important impression of these two software smartphones is appearance. For instance, iOS is suitable for those who like smaller screen sizes, while Android is available in various sizes. You also need to consider each smartphone more specifically, particularly about the camera quality, battery life, and connectivity to other devices. 

The Application Store

When we talk about the application store or App Store, the iOS users will be more familiar with it. However, AppStore can only be used through Apple-generated devices. Meanwhile, Android uses Google Play to be easily connected to our Google account or PC or other devices.  

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Data Transferring

As mentioned before, the role of smartphones has extended. Even now, people tend to use smartphones while working, either to communicate, store files, and many more. In this case, while keeping files, sometimes, we tend to move certain files from one place to another. Both software enables the smartphone to transfer data. However, iOS works only to iOS generated devices, but Android can be connected with any kind of device. 

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Using a smartphone becomes more accessible by operating it through virtual assistance. iOS and Android have different types of virtual assistance, Siri, and Google Assistance, respectively. Both can work and function well. However, Google Assistance shows better performances and seems to be more flexible than Siri.  

Security System

It is better to install each from the official app store for those who tend to use various kinds of applications in their smartphone. It is proven to be more secure to do so. However, Google reports still find out that apps may contain malware. In this case, the iOS security system works inherently more secure than the Android-based smartphone. 

There are still many more differences while comparing iOS and Android. Besides, each type of brand and phone type always consists of many more differences. So, if you want to find what’s best for you, then you need to consider things carefully. You can sort out your needs and the budgets you’ve prepared. Both iOS and Android have their goods and bads. They also compete fairly in terms of sales. Please don’t be hesitant to find out more about the smartphone you want before buying it.