5 Best Humanoid Robots Ever Created in 2020

Humans are gifted with logic, and that differs humans with other creatures. With the power of knowledge, humans can create things, invent new tools, and make such improvements to achieve their goals. One of the most valuable discoveries is humanoid robots. Created from sophisticated technologies, this artificial intelligence has been formulated to help humans’ daily work. 

The Best Humanoid Robots Ever Created in 2020

Find out more about the five best humanoid robots that can help humans do daily chores, transport stuff, operating tools, and many more. 

T-HR3 Robot

T-HR3 Robot

This robot is also known as a robotic avatar. Initially created in Japan in 2017, this robot is invented to copy humans’ movements. Moreover, it has been upgraded so that it could move and walk more smoothly and independently. Hopefully, this humanoid robot will perform a surgery or other complicated and critical operations controlled by someone living abroad. 

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Sophie Humanoid Robot

The second robot looks like an adult humanoid robot with many capabilities, particularly in talking, singing, drawing, and even delivering certain emotions. This robot is commonly known as Sophie, as it is featured to have a women-like face. The main focus of this robot’s development is to make it a humanoid robot that can assist some advanced research through human interactions.

Robotic Astronaut

Robotic Astronaut

Robotic Astronauts or shortly called robots, functioned to help or do what astronauts do. By the end of 2020, a Vyommitra, a humanoid robonaut is going to be launched. With an uncrewed spaceflight, Vyommitra is created to do further research on microgravity experiments. In the next years, more researches will be conducted to find out more about the environment in other planets, like Mars or Moon. 

Educational Integrated Robot

In order to create and assist future generations in studying and excelling more, a friendly humanoid robot with loads of educational features and emotion-detector is invented by an American robotic company named SoftBank Robotics’ Pepper. Not only teaching students, but this robot also accepts various commands, such as to be a human’s assistant, receptionist, as well as being a nanny. 

Advanced Delivery Robot

One of the American motor companies, Ford, has created an advanced delivery robot with a headless feature that can perform various delivery processes. Starting from carrying boxes or stuff up to 40 pounds, it is also designed to have advanced sensory abilities to indicate stairs and other obstacles. Moreover, Digit, the name of the robot, is able to drive in a driverless car to deliver the customers’ orders. 

Those are five of the best humanoid robot created and used in 2020. There are still other more multi-tasking robots that function well and are helpful in assisting humans’ works. With the development of technologies and various discoveries and inventions found by researchers and engineers, it will be highly possible that the robotics industry will perform and launch more and more advanced robots in the near future.