Introducing ColorOs 11: Debuts As Beta On Oppo Find X2

The brand new Oppo Find X2 comes with a lot of surprises, not only the device itself that gorgeous but the operating system is getting lots better. Introduced as the beta program of the ColorOs the 11th there are a lot more you can do. What are the skins? What are the features? Before you buy the phone and turn into a beta tester, here is the brief sneak a peak of the ColorOS 11 with all of its offers.

Here Are The Features Of The Brand New ColorOs Eleven

1. Personalized Experience By Editing Through Theme And Display

Many people are looking for this kind of feature, where you got the liberty to customize the display. The brand new ColorOS allow users to make some major changes in the smartphone, such as icons, fonts, and ringtones. It sounds basic, but you got more than that. The ability that gains attention is changing the Always-on display design with various patterns and styles. It also allows creating the white noise mix using Oppo Relax 2.0.

2. Better UI First 2.0 For Lag Reducing And Machine Optimization

When it comes to a smartphone, what matters is the performance. The ColorOS 11 also fueled with UI First 2.0 that combined with proprietary lag-reducing engines. The system help boosting the RAM utilization to 45 percent, which makes the performance even better. What makes it even more impressive is the fact that this Oppo Native OS comes with the Ai App Preloading feature using AI that can learn your behavior in using the app. 

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3. Preloaded With Super Power Mode For 12 Hours Talk Time

With a better system and AI, the phone is claimed to provide a standby time of 12 hours or talking time for one hour. That is not bad for a product that is cramped with bloatware. The Battery Guard feature of ColorOS 11 will safeguard your battery from unstable power voltages or overcharged. Just like other Oppo phones, the system will stop charging once it reaches 80 percent at night, and continues with the permission of the users. 

4. Three Finger Gestures And SuperTouch Features 

Another thing that stands out is the three-finger gesture that developed alongside Google. Work together with the Google Lens, this feature is functioning as quick translate by taking a screenshot of a particular written part. You can do this with a simple three-finger gesture. There are also Supertouch features that are used to optimize the touch response speed. The ColorOS 11 system will identify the user scenarios and preferences then improve the system fluency.

As it is released as beta access in Oppo Find X2, the beta rollout timeline is limited to 5,000 users. At the same time, since the beta has already kicked off in some countries, you can join it to. Join the beta by doing a software update and tap the gear icon. After the update, you will be able to experience and try the 4 features mentioned before. In the later state, this OS will debut on the other Oppo Flagship phones, such as the Reno series, A91, A5, A9, and F15.