4 Top Apps To Consider For A Twitter Chat

Everyone can attest to the fact that the common Twitter app which is provided by the giant social networking company is not as efficient as it should be. The truth is that internet marketers want to get more out of Twitter by using other applications which offer them customized options on various functions. One common example has to be the idea that the common app does not allow for too much multitasking. This has subsequently led to the development of various third party apps which make your life on Twitter more interesting and fulfilling. Below are 4 top Apps To Consider For A Twitter Chat.

4 Top Apps To Consider For A Twitter Chat

  • Tweet Chat.

This is a simple application which is designed to maintain your current chats in a chronological order irrespective of the number of active chats you are engaged in. For starters, tweet chat allows you to sign up with Twitter, build your profile and select whichever chats you want to participate in. For older members, all you need to do is sign in with your username and password after which everything else is laid out bare for you. The tweet chat dashboard allows you to do what any other application does, read your followers tweets, re tweet, favorite and even send your own tweets among other functions. However, the special feature about tweet chat is that it has the pause and user control buttons. Pause allows you to stop the chat stream temporarily especially if you want to reply to someone or read something more carefully. On the other hand, user control gives you the power to control or block spam which might ruin your chatting experience.

  • Tweet Keeper.

Although it is not yet available for android users, tweetkeeper is a great app for iPhone users. Great because its design is based on the fact it is almost impossible to follow your Twitter stream all day long. In this case, you do not have to worry about missing out on an important update because it archives all the missed tweets. To achieve this, you only need to activate the archive option. Hopefully, tweetkeeper will soon expand its platform to cover more Twitter users.

  • Tweet Grader.

If you happen to miss out on a particular Twitter chat, there is no point in going back to the archives and sampling out every tweet. This is quite laborious; the main reason why tweetgrader steps in to do all the grading for you. It provides an insightful analysis on all the top tweets of the day thus saving you the hassle of reading everything you had missed. Like many Twitter applications, tweetgrader enables you to view your followers’ profiles, bios and anything that might concern you. It is worth checking out especially if you are searching for ways on how to get more followers on Twitter.

Is using hash tags (#) your way of keeping Twitter chats? If yes, then tweettronics is designed for you. Hash tags are a perfect method of tracking your brands’ online influence which is a crucial element in determining your web presence. This app also shows you the top trends, words, phrases and urls used in the chat. These searches can help you get more followers on Twitter if you use them wisely in your tweets to target an audience related to your brand. Other Apps To Consider For A Twitter Chat include Tweet Reports, Tweet Deck and Cotweet

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